• Disney Merry Christmas Wallpaper

    Disney wallpapers suitable for Christmas season. Find original and exclusive backgrounds for Christmas using Disney characters.
  • Pooh Wallpaper

    Pooh Wallpaper

    Find backgrounds from famous Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh and friends.
  • Mickey Mouse Disney Wallpaper

    Mickey Disney Wallpaper

    Mickey Mouse is the quintessential Disney character, and now you can find original Mickey Wallpapers.
  • Fairy Disney Wallpaper

    Cute Fairy Wallpaper

    The best fairies from Disney can be found on DisneyWallpaper.info with original backgrounds.
  • Aladdin

    Aladdin Princess Wallpaper

    You can find all characters from Aladdin movie, Princess Jasmin, Genie, Sultan, Abu, etc.
  • Disney Princess Wallpaper

    Disney Princess Wallpaper

    Enjoy the beautiful Princesses from Disney in a wallpapers for desktop and mobile devices.

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You can pick the background that you like and impress your friends and Disney fans. Feel free to browse gallery of power point templates. We keep the collection organized, each PPT template under categories and tags for a better experience. Lots of different ideas, styles, modern, old fashion styles, travel, medicine, business or marketing templates. And the best thing (compared with other related sites) is that you can download all of these templates for free. This content is suitable for all kind of Disney fans, movies, cartoons and including events.

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Disney WallpaperAt Disney Wallpaper you can find exclusive designs inspired on Disney movies and characters. We have a large collection of Disney backgrounds that you can download and use for your own purposes. These backgrounds were inspired on Disney movies and nowadays you can see that most of these characters are not only used as device wallpaper but also many other applications and merchandise including beds, coloring books for kids, cups, hats, apparel, decorations, TV shows and parks. If you find interesting this site, you can follow us on Twitter or send us comment about the Disney backgrounds, that will be really appreciated since will help us supporting the website.

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